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Multi meter Aneng AN8008 for less than 25 dollars / euros. :)

William Gaatjes

May 11, 2008

Jan 16, 2018

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After being notified of this by my colleagues who also do hobby electronics, i bought one and it is true. This tiny multimeter is really good.
Who has an ANENG AN8008 ?

It is already good but after a small modification it gets even better.
I followed the example mentioned here in this weblink more or less.
I used what i had in the component cabinet.

Aneng AN8008/AN8009 Modify For Better Accuracy Faster Readings

I used 3 capacitors of value 22uF/6V3 X5R(0805) and 1uF/10V X7R(0805) and 10nF /50V (0603) for C14,C15 and C16. The 10nF capacitors have good high frequency properties i have been told.
The elco i removed and replaced it with a 470uF/16V low esr type from Panasonic.
For the replacement 100nF (0603) capacitor that decouples the ICL 8069, 1.2V reference voltage i used a 10uF/6V3(0603).
And it shows in the measurements, we have a lot of fluke multimeters at work, some cost around 500dollars / euros.
Like the fluke 87 V. We did a nanoampere test and the AN8008 has exactly the same results down to 100nA as the fluke. On another test, i noticed the AN8008 would still measure 45nA of current in a test setup. Lower than the fluke 87 V can show because the resolution does not go lower than 100nA for the fluke.

Here is a EEVblog from Dave :

edit, i got the fluke wrong. We have several models and i mixed them up.
Used for comparison is the fluke 87 V.

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