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Tennessee Titans logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

Tennessee Titans Logo

Tennessee Titans LogoTennessee Titans Logo

Tennessee Titans logo PNG

When the team started their career in 1960, fans knew them as the Houston Oilers as their location was in Houston, Texas. The relocation to Tennessee led to the change of the name. So in 1997 they became the Tennessee Oilers and since 1999 the club has been known as Tennessee Titans.

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Meaning and history

Tennessee Titans Logo historyTennessee Titans Logo history

The Tennessee Titans logo history is inseparably connected with the history of the team. It also reflects the local peculiarities. The Titans have had several logos that have undergone different modifications, from minor to substantial. On the whole, their collection of primary logos includes seven emblems.

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The 1960s Emblem

Tennessee Titans Logo emblemTennessee Titans Logo emblem

When the Houston Oilers appeared on the football field for the first time, their emblem represented a man that looked like both a football player and a cowboy for he was wearing a cowboy hat and a uniform and holding a football. The color scheme included blue (the uniform) and gold (the hat and the boots). There were oil derricks in the background.

Later a few minor changes were made including an alteration in the color scheme. Thus, the gold color was eliminated.

The 1970s Logos

Tennessee Titans Logo 1970Tennessee Titans Logo 1970

A totally new symbol replaced the old logo in 1969. It was a silhouette of a football player’s helmet outlined with a thick black line and an oil derrick on the helmet.

In 1972 the oil derrick changed its color from black to red and got a blue boarder. The helmet was outlined with a blue line.

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The 1980s-1990s Symbol

Tennessee Titans Logo symbolTennessee Titans Logo symbol

The Oilers’ logo introduced in 1980 looked very simple and at the same time symbolic ‒ just an oil derrick in blue with a red outline against the white background. The club kept this laconic logo unchanged for 18 years, except the fact that the blue color became a little more saturated.

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New Logo

Tennessee Titans LogoTennessee Titans LogoNew Tennessee Titans LogoNew Tennessee Titans Logo

In 1999 the new nickname required an entirely new logo. The Tennessee Titans logo includes a white ring that symbolizes the sun with three stars inside placed against a dark blue background and a large letter “T” that reminds a sword. There is also fire which makes it look like a comet.

There have been some arguments as for the logo meaning. Thus, some people insist that the ring in the Tenn Titans logo is in fact a shield, and they are somewhat skeptical about it, saying that it symbolizes defense rather than attacking.

But what is evident for sure is the fact that the stars and the colors are the same as in the Tennessee flag.


Color Tennessee Titans LogoColor Tennessee Titans Logo

The team’s palette includes such colors as navy, Titans blue, red, metallic silver and white.

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