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Baltimore Ravens stomp, dance on Titans midfield logo to cap NFL playoff win

Bạn đang xem: Baltimore Ravens stomp, dance on Titans midfield logo to cap NFL playoff win

Baltimore Ravens stomp, dance on Titans’ midfield logo following game-clinching interception

Nick Gray

Nashville Tennessean

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The Baltimore Ravens

won the football game

, then proved a point.

Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters intercepted Ryan Tannehill with 1:51 left, all but closing out

Baltimore’s 20-13 win


the Titans

on Sunday at Nissan Stadium, and a significant portion of the Ravens’ defense flocked to the 50-yard line and the Titans’ midfield logo.


Derrick Henry’s worst day of season yields failing grade

Why is that significant? In Week 11 in Baltimore, a pregame kerfuffle between Titans coach Mike Vrabel, Ravens coach John Harbaugh and players took place after Tennessee huddled atop the Ravens’ midfield logo. Harbaugh and several Ravens shouted at Vrabel and several Titans before the game, in which Tennessee won in overtime.

Fast forward to Sunday, where Peters (known to show his emotion on the field) sprinted out of bounds and then straight to the midfield logo. 15 or 20 Ravens followed, dancing and stomping, and flags followed.

The 15-yard penalty did not have any impact because Lamar Jackson sprinted for 33 yards, and the Ravens held the ball for the win to advance to the AFC Divisional Playoffs.

Immediately following the final kneeldown by Jackson, the Ravens quarterback and most Baltimore players sprinted out of Nissan Stadium. And another chapter of the Titans-Ravens rivalry concluded.

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters (24) and his teammates stomp on the Titans logo after Peters picked up an interception to seal their win over the Tennessee Titans in Nashville on January 10, 2021.

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