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IMS unveils 2022 Indianapolis 500 logo highlighting winner’s wreath

Bạn đang xem: IMS unveils 2022 Indianapolis 500 logo highlighting winner’s wreath

Indy 500 unveils 2022 logo, highlights winner’s wreath

Stefan Krajisnik

Indianapolis Star

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Indianapolis 500 logo designed Joel Wittman is joined by IMS president Doug Boles at the unveiling of the 2022 logo on Friday, May 28.

INDIANAPOLIS — Next year’s Indianapolis 500 logo was unveiled Friday evening following 

Carb Day


The logo captures the tradition and history of the race, particularly the winner’s wreath. The logo was designed by Indianapolis Motor Speedway creative team leader Joel Wittman with input from

Roger Penske

. IMS president Doug Boles joined Wittman in unveiling it.

The inside of the logo is a burgundy shield with the words “

Indy 500

” in the iconic slanted font. The red shield is surrounded by a gold wreath — a gold that IMS president Doug Boles referred to as a “champions’ gold.”

Previous logos featured references to the Yard of Bricks (2019) and checkered flag (2020) before highlighting the pagoda this year. 

“The wreath seemed like a natural progression,” Wittman said.

More on winner’s wreath:

  • Where does the winner’s wreath come from?

The tradition of the winner’s wreath has happened every year since 1960 when Jim Rathmann won.

Highlighting these traditions doesn’t end with the wreath.

“There’s a few more icons left,” Wittman said. 

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