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G103 Limit Block Look-Ahead (Group 00)

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G103 Limit Block Look-Ahead (Group 00)

G103 specifies the maximum number of blocks the control looks ahead (Range 0-15), for example:

G103 [P..] ;

During machine motions, the control prepares future blocks (lines of code) ahead of time. This is commonly called Block Look-ahead. While the control executes the current block, it has already interpreted and prepared the next block for continuous motion.

A program command of G103 P0, or simply G103, disables block limiting. A program command of G103 Pn limits look-ahead to n blocks.

G103 is useful for debugging macro programs. The control interprets Macro expressions during look-ahead time. If you insert a G103 P1 into the program, the control interprets macro expressions (1) block ahead of the currently executing block.

It is best to add several empty lines after a G103 P1 is called. This ensures that no lines of code after the G103 P1 are interpreted until they are reached.

G103 affects cutter compensation and High Speed Machining.

The P values are modal. This means if you are in the middle of a canned cycle and a G04 Pnn or an M97 Pnn is used the P value will be used for the dwell / subprogram as well as the canned cycle.

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