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Ravens revenge: Baltimore shows ultimate sign of disrespect, stomp Titans logo following game-clinching interception


Ravens revenge: Baltimore shows ultimate sign of disrespect, stomp Titans logo following game-clinching interception

The Ravens-Titans rivalry just got taken up a notch.

The two teams entered Sunday’s Wildcard Playoff matchup with plenty of bad blood between them after the Titans stomped the Raven’s logo

back in November

of this season during Tennessee’s trip to Baltimore.

Tennessee ended up winning that game 30-24 in overtime.

“Some words were said, and they said some words back,” AJ Brown said after the game. “They kind of rushed the field like they were players. They definitely set the tone of the game. That’s when we [knew] what type of game it was gonna be, from right then.”

Things got chippy during the pregame of Sunday’s Wildcard matchup in Nashville and after Baltimore’s defense intercepted Titan quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the fourth quarter of the game, the Ravens stomped Tennessee’s logo and waved goodbye to the Titans. The interception took place just after the two-minute warning with the Ravens up by a touchdown.

Baltimore ended up winning Sunday’s matchup with Tennessee, 20-13.

Here is the video of the interception and the stomping.


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Michael Wayne Bratton
A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Michael Wayne Bratton oversees the news coverage for Saturday Down South. Michael previously worked for FOX Sports and


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  • mrtruth

    6 months ago

    For many years, every time Bobby Bowden brought his thugs to Gainesville, he would have them go out and stomp all,over our logo during warmups. It was the ultimate prooof of what a scumbag he he would stand clapping and laughing while his dirty bag team did their obscene insult.

    Eventually, our AD had state troopers surround the logo to prevent Bowden from being such a POS.

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