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Luxman LV-117 Is it worth repairing ? help requested…..

Hi everyone… some of you may remember a couple of weeks ago i got a Luxman integrated amp (LV 117) as part of a much bigger lot of audio gear, i knew the amp was not working, the owner said “i just turned it on one day and its lights went out” “might just be a fuse” yeah dream on……..anyway..

I took the haul home and am quite happy with all the other Luxman bits and pieces….

But my attention now has turned to the amp…..

**EDIT** BTW the amp is as dead as a door nail……the main fuse is blown…..the other 3 fuses on the amp board appear to be OK, but the amp does not power up at all……

I have located a local audio tech that boasts 35 years in the “Business” and after a long chat to him on the phone he seems to know what he is talking about, by that i can tell hes not a 13 year old with a soldering iron ….. and he says hes worked on Luxman stuff in the past……..

He asks $50 upfront fee to look at it (very reasonable i think for his time )…

But i am posting some pics here of the amp and the areas of the circuit board that look somwhat worrying so that i can get some (free) advise off the very clever people that inhabit this fine forum………



The amp itself……


Inside from the top….


The only burned bit i can see anywhere, from the top…


The same area but from under the circuit board……


The main amp board from underneath..some of that soldering looks rough, i wonder if someones had a go at it ??


More rough looking soldering on the outputs…….


This looks suspect, it was covered in what looked like clear glue…..i peeled it off to look at what was underneath….


A closeup of some of the output transistors…….there are loads of these….

So there we have it……….

Is it worth a repair, or would it be un economic ?

Would i waste $50 in taking it for an estimate only to find repairing it would cost more than getting a working one from an auction site ?

I would love to have this sad beast of an amp back in full working order……

Thanks in advance everyone………..


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