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Head To Head Battle #2: Buster Gundam (Dearka) VS Heavyarms Gundam (Trowa)

Head To Head Battle #2: Buster Gundam (Dearka) VS Heavyarms Gundam (Trowa)

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Zero Shiki


  • XXX-G01H Gundam Heavyarms


  • GAT-X103 Buster Gundam


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Two Gundams, the masters of endless bombardment and unrelenting heavy firepower, duke it in the second installment of this new series. Will the Buster of the GAT series beat out the Heavyarms? Will the big gun of the Wing boys overwhelm the Buster? Let’s take a look and see.


Trowa Barton, originally born as Triton Bloom, was a young boy born in the L3 Colony Cluster at the time of the After Colony era’s year 180. His parents were killed in a rebellion on Earth, where he would then be separated from his sister for almost the entirety of his childhood. He suffered an injury that would then wipe these memories clean from his head.. This become the building block for Trowa, who would then become the most experienced soldier out of all of his team. He even has his own personal fighting style when he sits in the Heavyarms. Yes, he has a style built around techniques on shooting gatling guns. He is extremely level headed and often shows off much of a man on a mission he is. He is even willing to destroy his Gundam in the process if it means victory. His unstoppable will power helps to show his abilities and feats. Trowa has taken on whole armies with his Gundam and taken quite a number of bases completely on his own. Let’s take a look at his mobile suit..

XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms

user uploaded image

>Head Mounted Vulcan Guns

>Machine Cannons (located in the clavicle)

>Homing Missiles x44 (skirts and legs)

>Micro Missiles x52 (shoulders and legs)

>Chest Gatling Guns x2 (hidden under armor panels)

>Beam Gatling Gun

>Wrist Mounted Army Knife

>Hidden Beam Saber (available only through left forearm purge)

>Beam Cannon

>Gundanium Armor

>Self Destruct System


Dearka Elsman was a Coordinator, a genetically modified soldier, born to a wealthy and influential family amongst ZAFT officials on March 29th, year 54 of the Cosmic Era. Destined to be an advanced soldier, he fulfilled this duty and even found himself working as a main cog of the famous Le Creuset team, with notable fighters like Athrun Zala and Yzak Joule. When he got ahold of the Buster Gundam from ORB military forces, it seemed like a date with his destiny. A Gundam tailor made for his long range speciality. This would definitely put his hatred for Naturals to use.. Until, he was captured at gun point by the Archangel after being shot down by ace pilot Lt. Mwu La Flaga. This is where he would join the Lacus faction with ORB, boarding the Archangel as a friend and ally after having true interactions and relationships with the Naturals aboard. He became an invaluable asset, where his skill and piloting prowess would help to win the war. In his record, he took down a multitude of mobile suits and even sunk warships in close range, not to mention what he could do with high powered weaponry. That being said, let’s see how the Buster Gundam stacks up..

GAT-X103 Buster Gundam

user uploaded image

>350mm Gun Launcher

>94mm High Powered Rifle

>220mm 6-barrel missile pod x2 (located in shoulders)

>Anti-Armor Shotgun

>Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle (combination of Launcher and Rifle)

>Phase Shift Armor (Energy Operated and limited use, allows superb/impenetrable defense against bullets, blades weaponry, and missiles)

Like last, vote for your favorite and personal victor, but please describe why in the comments below. No bias, just logical discussion.

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Blue-eyes Dank Dragon

I like the XXX but the GAT, I think would win

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0 Reply 08/18/16

waking up puru

Gundams from gundam seed are usually crazy strong gundams with no rhyme or reason of being like that. The amount of lazers in seed is baffling.

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1 Reply 08/18/16

Zero Shiki Author

I wouldn’t say the CE suits don’t get too high tier until the third generation of Gundams (Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, Destiny, and Legend). All the rest of them really just carry tons of weaponry on them, with a few exceptions having stuff like I-Field similar defenses. They’re also incredibly heavy, believe it or not. The Strike Freedom would be a lot faster if it wasn’t heavier in tons more than the Nu, which is amongst the tallest and biggest protag Gundams to date.

However, that is all besides the point, haha. The Buster does get the edge in my personal opinion but only because it has some good armor and the phase shift defense cut down on a lot of what the Heavyarms can do. Gundanium is a pretty thick alloy, as shown in various instances of Wing, but the firepower is just too great from the Buster’s side of things.

I personally think the GAT series to be similar to higher end mobile suits nearing the end of Zeta. Of course, baring the Zeta itself, as that’s a work of art that pumps through all of early and mid UC.

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1 Reply 08/18/16

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