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Meteor of October 19, 6.15 P.M.

  • Published: 01 November 1877

Meteor of October 19, 6.15 P.M.


volume 17page 10 (1877)

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THE large meteor described by two correspondents (NATURE, vol. xvi. p. 551) was observed also by several persons in this district, but most of the accounts are so meagre and doubtful as to possess little scientific value. The meteor appears, however, to have been well seen by Mr. W. Watkins Old, of The Parade, Monmouth, and his notes are so interesting that I beg to transcribe them. He says:—

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DENNING, W. Meteor of October 19, 6.15 P.M.. Nature 17, 10 (1877).

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  • Issue Date: 01 November 1877

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